Cuban Pesos

  My object is Cuban Pesos that came with my Grandfather from Cuba. He carried the Pesos with him from Cuba to Spain, and then to the United States. The Pesos are the only physical object my family and I have of our Cuban heritage. My Grandfather left Cuba right before Fidel Castro became the Prime minister in 1959. Many Cubans left Cuba at that time to escape Fidel Castro’s Communist dictatorship.  The Pesos are framed and are hung on the wall at my uncle and aunt’s house. It was passed down from my Grandfather to my uncle. When I look at the framed Pesos, I wonder what life was like in Cuba for my Grandfather and my ancestors. My father was born in the United States, so it is a special memory for him. The Pesos are also significant to my family and me because when you travel to Cuba as a tourist, you exchange American money for Pesos. If you are a Cuban citizen, you are allowed to have the Cuban Peso called the CUP, as opposed to the CUC which is for tourists. My Grandfather brought his CUP Pesos to America.  The Pesos symbolizes my Cuban heritage and makes me want to learn more about my ancestors and their lives in Cuba.

Place(s): Cuba, Spain, Ney York
Year: 1959

– Jack Chiong

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant