Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My parent's first camera
My parent's first camera

My parents always brought their camera with them, no matter how small the event can be. From the day I was born to eating at Burger King. They have captured the brightest memories of my childhood. This camera is older than me, as it has been with my parents since they got married. My parents both came from Cambodia but didn’t meet each other till late 2005. It wasn’t easy to live in a whole new country with no family at all. We lived in a small rented room so there wasn’t much to hope for. But one day, someone robbed our room and took anything valuable including their camera --the camera that had been with them through the worst and best days. My parents told me these stories now that I am older and it made me realize that a lot of families like mine have been through similar experiences. They managed to get their camera back from the cops who caught the robber but most of the pictures were gone. But it was okay as my parents viewed this as a chance to continue taking more pictures. My mom gifted me this camera when I was 14, but I grew my love for taking pictures once I was 15. From now on, I view this camera as an heirloom with great family history, hardships, and happiness.


Place(s): Massachusetts
Year: 2002

– OO

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant