Special Quinceanera Dolls

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My sister's Quinceanera(15th b-day) doll
My sister's Quinceanera(15th b-day) doll

These dolls were special dolls, they were given to young, Hispanic girls who celebrate their Quinceanera, a traditional 15th birthday party. Quinceaneras are common Hispanic tradition. When a girl turns 15 years of age, she is now considered a woman, strong and independent. Quinceaneras are similar to an American “Sweet 16.” These dolls are specially crafted to look like the girl and made out of porcelain. My older sister uses hers as a sign of encouragement. Dolls are religious and cultural and represent hard work and gifts. Working very hard is embedded in Hispanic culture.  Many Hispanics live hard lives and work hard jobs in their country of origin and in the United States. Today it’s especially important to encourage Hispanic girls, and other girls alike, to pursue great jobs and education.  Girls who have a Quinceanera, love the celebration and the doll. To my sister and my family, and many others alike, the doll is seen as a gift. To me, these dolls represent the hope and encouragement I feel for the important Hispanic women in my life and their families and for their hard work and giving to others. 

– Eric N

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant