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Photo of Fredrick Chadwick Andrew
Photo of Fredrick Chadwick Andrew

I interviewed my grandma about my family and their immigration story and I got a story about my ancestors. My grandma told me the story of a man who traveled overseas from Haywood Lincolnshire, England to New York, around where Ellis Island is, and then walked from New York to Salt Lake City, Utah. His name was Fredrick Chadwick Andrew and he was a blacksmith. He traveled to America with his wife and kids in 1854. During his travels, he wrote in a journal all about the places he's been. There was also more detailed things, like where his shoes wore out and what the weather was like. He would write in his journal almost every day during the time. Fredrick traveled to Salt Lake City specifically for a morman church called Latter Day Saints. Him and other families moved there because that area wanted a big population, and it was illegal to have more than one wife where they were from. Fredrick had 5 wifes and 29 children. My grandma was able to give me a printed version of the journal so I was able to read it. Unfortunately she did not have the original but it is still nice to see what he wrote in the printed version.

Place(s): England, New York, Utah
Year: 1854

– JB

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more