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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
It is a piano that pianist play to entertain people
It is a piano that pianist play to entertain people

Music in my life My father gave up a dream of his in order to to have a family. His dream was to be part of a band. He  always wanted to be part of the music industry. Sometimes dreams were placed in hold like my father's when  he met my mother and eventually they both gave up what they wanted the most in order to have a family.I have older siblings , everything suddenly changed and my parents were not happy anymore and decided to get divorced . It was not the best moment of my life , but I had to understand it was for the best. It changed our family live forever.   As time passed,my love for music evolved into something words could not explain. Music became my safe place. Although, no one in my family understood  the relationship that I had with music.  I never gave up. In my relationship with music I was free to release my emotions and express myself freely.Music helped me heal through the pain of my parents divorce.  My dad was figuring out his life as well as my mother. After a year or so my mother  had a new family. I realized that my father sacrificed so much for us. Now i'm finally able to see what music has in the future and how it benefits me in the future. There is nothing more inspiring than to see the ones you love happy. My family sacrificed things for my happiness.

Place(s): New york
Year: 1980

– Jose Sinchi

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant