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X Men Jacket
X Men Jacket

This is the jacket that my dad bought in 2015, he was excited about this jacket because it had X-Men on it and he wore it all the time. St. Patrick’s Day of 2015, he passed away. The jacket went to his nephew and best friend first, but when I moved back from Japan, my dad’s best friend came to my house and gave me the jacket. It is the only piece of clothing that was left to me  from my father. He had many of the same kinds of jackets, but they all got sent to his mom or the girl he was with at the time. I was delayed to knowing he died because of where I lived at the time, I missed his funeral and I didn’t get many of the things he wanted me to have. I am grateful that my uncle kept that jacket for this long, because it helps me to cope with the grief that I went through for a long time. 

– RG

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