Embroidered Shawl

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Red Kashmiri Embroidered Shawl
Red Kashmiri Embroidered Shawl

I got admitted to FIT and that was the day I started imagining myself in New York, one of the fashion capital of the world.  How my experiences are gonna be and are they gonna be similar to what I see in TV series like Suits, friends or Entourage?So I applied for my visa to turn my imagination into a reality. The duration of one week from getting my visa to the time I had to fly to NY, it had been one nostalgic one. Everything happened so fast that it did not give me time to let the feeling seep in. Going away from home and family without really getting a chance to great them properly. It was a time to look forward and hop onto the plane to set my focus to get started with school life. I wanted to pack literally everything that I have collected from childhood and all the gifts I have received. I wanted to feel at home with my scrapbooks, old pictures of family, my favorite comforter. One of my favorite things is my mother's red embroidered shawl. It has so many happy memories attached to it. It reminds me of the "Khadi Mahotsav" (Khadi festival) that takes place every year during winters and how much I love going there with my mother. Also, during my evening tea at home, I would wrap myself in her shawl comfortably sipping on tea and watching TV with my brother. It reminds me of home, the cherished times and the warm tight loving hug of my mother and gives me a feeling that I am safe.  Even though I packed in such a hurry, I could never have forgotten to keep it nicely folded in my suitcase to feel at home in New York.

Place(s): India
Year: 2019


Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant