Quinceñera Ring

In Attire

Having a connection to an inanimate object probably isn’t something that normally happens to the average 16 year old. The incredibly significant object I’m talking about is the ring I got for my 15th birthday. The morning of May 23rd, 2015 was certainly one of the most hectic mornings I had ever been a part of. Everyone was running around, because they were trying to get ready for my Quinceñera. A Quinceñera (in Latin America and among Latinos), is a celebration of a girl's 15th birthday and her transition from childhood to adulthood, typically involving a mass followed by a party. My family had been waiting for this day to come ever since I was six years old, especially since it is a very important part of Colombian culture. Once everyone was finished gathering their belongings, my family and I made our way to the church where my father would present the ring to me in a velvet box. As soon as I saw it, I completely fell in love with it and the way it glowed. In conclusion, even though it may be just a ring to someone else, the ring i received for my 15th birthday is something that is very significant to my culture and I.

Year: 2015

– Brigitte G

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