The Italian Coppola Hat

In Attire
This is a coppola hat (WOW)
This is a coppola hat (WOW)

My object is my great grandfather Giovanni’s coppola hat.Italian pronunciation: [ˈkɔppola].  A Coppola is a traditional kind of flat cap typically worn in Sicily and Calabria, where it is known as còppula or berretto, but it is also worn a LOT in the region of Campania. It is something that everyone around Italy wears, typically men. There are many different styles of coppola’s. For special occasions coppola’s are made of silk, linen and even knitted or crocheted. For everyday occasions like going to the garden, people would wear hats made out of cotton, and wool. 
Why I Chose ItI chose the coppola because it is very important to my family and Italian culture. My Nonno wore it all the time and so did my great grandfather. It reminds me and my dad of Italy, and Nonno Giovanni. I also chose it because the coppola is a very iconic symbol of Sicilian (and Italian) heritage.
Fun Facts

  • The word “Coppola” in Italian, means something like the word “Cup” in English, for how it's shaped

  • Coppola’s that are knitted or crocheted usually have many fun colors and patterns on them.

  • The Coppola is sometimes called “La coppola storta” (The crooked coppola) 

  • I hope you learned something new about the coppola hat, Italian heritage, and why  it means so much to me and my family. :) 

    Place(s): Campania, Orria, Italy

    – AM

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