The Islamic Plate

The subject that I took a picture of is a religious decoration that say Allah. I come from a modern traditional family. Being a bengali American can be confusing because I am not considered either one to others. Even though I was born in America, I am still not considered American because my roots are different. And even though my roots are bengali, I am still not bengali enough for the Bengali society. I don’t celebrate the bengali holidays nor are any of my friends bengali. There is very little of me that is recognized as Bengali, there is very little of me that is recognized as American. However, ever since, I have started wearing the hijab, both the American and Bengali society had agreed on one thing that even if I am not Bengali or an American, the one thing that I am is Muslim. The decoration that I had took a picture of was bought when I had started wearing the hijab. In some sense, it was always a part of me. The elementary school that I went to, I was not only of the only bengali girl but I was also the only muslim girl in my class who had worn the scarf. For me, this decoration is something that ties me to my past and religion. It reminds me everyday that just because the world deems my religion oppressive and murderous, that doesn’t mean that I have to give up representing my beliefs. It doesn’t mean that I give up my beliefs. It means that I simply to have to continue to prove others wrong. 

Place(s): NYC
Year: 2007

– Takia Mohinuddin

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