The Holy Bible

Relationship: Im/migrant

Christianity and faith have been cornerstones in my family for many generations.  This Bible was given to my father by my grandparents when he was a child, and my father gave it to me when I was growing up.  While my parents are not first generation immigrants, my family has experience a great deal of migration in the United States throughout my childhood.  Since being born in Alabama, I have lived in 4 different states and 5 different cities before arriving in New York for my college experience, including Maine, Oregon, Louisiana, and Connecticut.  I have not lived in the same place for more than 4 years at a time.  Through these migrations I have experienced several cultures and made many new friends along the way.  This Bible that has been passed down to me has always served as a reminder for me that no matter where I am, my faith remains a cornerstone in my life.  In the midst of immense change and overwhelming circumstances at times, I have turned to this family object for guidance and clarity.  Not only does this Bible remind me of my faith, it also reminds me of where my family and I come from.  As someone who has moved around so much that they have a hard time answering the question, "Where are you from?” home becomes more about the people and treasures you know rather that a geographical location on a map.  Therefore, my family and objects like this Bible have become a huge part of my identity and what I would ultimately call my home.

Year: 2000

– Abby Lee

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant