My father started out as a customer service representative at American Express bank in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There was a sponsorship for workers in the bank to visit the United States to see how their banking system runs. My father was able to get sponsored allowing him to work at an American Express bank in the United States. After working with them for five years he was able to get residency and later on citizenship for the United States. My father was a very religious and humble person. He always cared about every blessing and opportunity he received. He would always carry his holy book wherever he went and read it during spare time. He read the holy book more than fifty times in the last thirty years. He carries the book to learn the ideas and stories of Islam and accepting more faith of Allah. Till this day he makes sure to care for it and keeps it in pristine condition. This was close to him not only because it’s Islam’s holy book. This is his favorite of all time. My father had many copies of Qur’an but he kept this one specifically to remind him of his journey to the United States.

Year: 1973

– Samin Jalil

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