The Heart of Myanmar

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Padauk flower (Myanmar)
Padauk flower (Myanmar)

The heart of Myanmar
Everything has always changed. Still, Padauk is punctual to accomplish its goal every year. It's a flower named Pterocarpus macrocarpus, that looks fragile but displays its stamen and petal. It wafts its delicate and charming scent from the bunches of buds on stems. The family tree bears the clusters of fragrant yellow or orange blossoms to a thrilling flower dome. It blooms for a day, never fails, and lays down on the ground like a lover's lane, although it is still fragrant and bright.
  It is left as a homage in front of the Buddha's image. In Myanmar,  an auspicious time to wear it is as a delight in the water-throwing festival in summer. 
  This is the Thingyan Carnival in April which means changing over or being new. We believe water will cool and wash away all sins. Also, Padauk is the graceful symbol of a yellow angel conveying great energy and good fortune to us.
 Myanmar is a tropical country where this yellow, scented flower grows well. New York is fond of snow and not welcoming to it. I had not felt or seen any of it for so long, since I arrived as an immigrant here. Is it finished? No! It's still with me as a yellow memory. It never leaves me, making my diary scented as a symbol of love. It doesn't make me lonely. Everything changes, yet loyalty goes on.

Place(s): Myanmar
Year: 2021

– Myint

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant