Technoblade Plush Pillow

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Pink, crown, floppy ears, cute eyes
Pink, crown, floppy ears, cute eyes

I got this technoblade based pillow about a month ago from a website called Yootooz. Last month when I got it I talked to it for like an hour before sleeping. I didn't let anyone touch it and cared a lot for it like any phone or new item but over time I cared less about it getting dirty. UNTIL ONCE, when my little brother took my pillow to be a jerk and ran off with it into the kitchen. When I caught up to him and grabbed the pillow back I  almost hit him but my dad was there and I knew I would get in trouble so I just ignored him the rest of the day. I thought I would need time to adjust to the pillow but surprisingly I slept completely fine on it the first days of having it. You could say I was a little attached to it but I got it right after I found out techno had cancer so I felt like I was supporting him in a way by having it and taking good care of my technoblade pillow. Once a neighbor wanted me to bring it over to their house to see it and I immediately declined because I was terrified of it falling and getting dirty or losing it somewhere. Yeah, I'm that kind of person when it comes to things I care about. 

Place(s): New York

– JB

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