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Beach photo book
Beach photo book

 I don’t know much about my family's cultural identity, we part German and British. With that being said, my family has lots of traditions. For as long as I can remember going to the beach with my family has always been my favorite tradition. Now we don’t actually go with our family, we go with our family friends (which I consider family). Every year after our beach trip we make a photo book that is filled with all of our great memories and photos from the trip. Looking at the photo book and laughing is one of my favorites. We have been going to the beach with friends for fifteen years! I definitely want to continue this tradition of our photo books when I have a family.  Going to the beach with basically my aunts and uncles is the highlight of my year. We rent out a huge beach house because there are sixteen of us and we stay for a week and just have fun. Even though this might not be culture, I consider it my family's culture and can't wait to continue this for years to come.

– Kai Bowen

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