The Hair Tie

In Attire

My object is very simple but very meaningful. It is a handmade hair tie. It is one of the many that my grandmother has made. Although she is Dominican, there was a long period where she lived in Venezuela with my grandfather. My father was born in Venezuela, raised with his other two siblings who were born in the Dominican Republic. Growing up as a child and young adult, my grandfather opened up a tailor shop in Venezuela. My grandmother would often stay in the shop, helping my grandfather with everything she could. In addition, she would often bring food for all the workers at the shop. One day, when not knowing what to do at the store, she began experimenting with some cloth and a sewing machine. When she finished, she was surprised with the results. In the shop she would sell these hair ties and it soon became a passion for her. After moving to America with my father and his siblings her passion slowly faded away. She still makes these sometimes but she keeps them for memories of all the nice times she had in Venezuela. This is why I chose the hair tie as my object.

Year: 1970

– Kimberly Sosa

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