Coast Guard Band

In Attire

This coast guard band belonged to my great grandfather, John Reardon. He served in the coast guard for four years before becoming an engineer. In 1950, he married my great grandmother, Barbara Reardon. They lived together in Braintree, Massachusetts where they started a family. Their youngest child was only six months old when John left his wife and his ten children in 1967. He moved overseas and lived in South Africa, leaving his family with nothing. Barbara had to support her family by herself without a job or even a driver's license. John never came back to see his family. The only letters he wrote were to his son, David. He sent a letter to him along with the coast guard band. This is important because it was the only thing left to my family that belonged to my great grandfather before he left. That is why my family still holds on to it.    

– Caitie Edminster

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