The Golden Glasses

In Attire

The object that I have chosen is a pair of sunglasses that my Dziadek (grandfather) wore earlier in his life. My mother and her parents lived in a small apartment in Bialystok, Poland. When assigned this project, I spoke with my Mother a lot about her childhood and early adulthood in Poland and she told me that the one thing that really described her father were those sunglasses. They have a golden frame, fit well on his face and he always wore them. Around the late 1980s, they broke and an irreplaceable screw fell off the hinge and they were never able to hold well on his face again. Right before she and my father moved to the United States, she asked him if she could keep them as a memento of her early life in Poland. I actually never knew the meaning of these glasses till now, but they have always laid next to her night stand. These glasses hold great nostalgic value to my mother because anytime she looks at them she always remembers her father’s looking back at her, and all the memories of her life in Poland come rushing back to her.

Year: 1988

– Kevin O.

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