The Golden Charm Bracelet

In Attire

My grandmother gave me a golden charm bracelet for Christmas in 2012. It first belonged to my great grandmother which then passed it down to my grandma and then to me. It is very very valuable in our family. This bracelet is used to wear on important events or holidays. It's gold and has many jewels on it. Each charm represents something. One of the charms is a Sagittarius because that was her zodiac sign. Another is a peacock with my grandpa's name on the back and his birthday. There is also a poodle with his nickname on it. My great grandfather gave my great grandmother this bracelet on her birthday and she added all the charms on it. My family connects most to this bracelet is on her birthday and on Christmas. Also, it was important on my grandpa's funeral which was very recent. This bracelet is important to me because it has been a huge part of my family and is very valuable to us. It's also important because it reminds us of my grandpa. This object connects me to my identity because when she died this was one thing that we remembered her by. She always wore this bracelet and each charm had a different backstory to it, which only my grandparents and parents know, and when we get older then we will know.

Year: 1952

– Mary Kate

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more