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The earrings passed down
The earrings passed down

My Grandfather’s parents moved to America from Ireland at a young age. I am told by my grandfather that they did not talk much about life there, since they didn’t live there for a long time. The only object my grandpa recalled seeing that still exists from Ireland is a pair of earrings. They’re silver hanging earrings with four leaf clovers hanging from the bottom. The earrings were originally my great grandmother’s. He said they never left her ears until she decided to pass them down to my great aunt. Once she got sick, my great aunt told my grandfather to take them and continue to pass them down to further generations, because that’s what my great grandmother would want. I was the one he decided to pass them down to, and I wear them every Saint Patrick’s Day since I spend it with my Grandfather’s family. These earrings are the one important object important to my family’s past and having them in my possession is a great honor.

Place(s): Ireland

– Kaya Buckman

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant