The Golden Bear

Relationship: Im/migrant
The Golden Bear Clock
The Golden Bear Clock

           Adopted at four years old by an American diplomat in the Philippines, my mother did not live the life which other children had. The kind woman who adopted eight children, including my mother, did anything to make her children happy, and gave them the most extraordinary life. My mother’s family circulated throughout the American Airforce bases all throughout life. February of 1973, was when my mother began living with her adoptive family. She was left confused, wondering where her uncle and auntie were and when they would pick her up from the play-date which she usually had; with her friend, now sibling. In such a dark time in her life, her mother gave her this golden bear clock, made of full gold and charmed with a diamond.           In 1987, her year of transformation, my mother graduated high school. Before graduation, her mother planned their immigration to America. Day by day, she noticed that things from her home, began disappearing, to be found in their new home in America. Days after graduation, my mother was told they were immigrating to America for their education as her siblings, also ready for college, were to pursue nursing.          This bear not only signifies my grandmother and her kind-soul, but also my mother. My mother faced something I could never possibly face. Her journey, not only warms my heart, but also reminds me that I would not be in the place I am without her. 

Place(s): Manila, Philippines
Year: 1987

– AP

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant