Passport photo 1929

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Grandmother, mother and aunt  Passport
Grandmother, mother and aunt Passport

In October 25, 1929,  my grandmother, Pesha (Bessie) Teitelbaum, mother Sarah, aunt Tania (Taube),  and uncles Alex (Abraham) and Irving (Isac) arrived in NYC from Mogilev Russia.  My grandfather, Samuel (Shmuel) had originally come to the US to avoid fighting in WW I by going East from Mogilev with a group of other men.  Some of the men were tired of the journey and remained in China, but my grandfather crossed from Siberia to Alaska and eventually joined his sister in Brooklyn.  After the war he returned to my grandmother and his children.  During this time my grandmother became pregnant with my mother.  After she was born in 1922, my grandfather returned to the USA to make enough money to bring his wife and four children to the US.  My mother didn't meet her father until she was 7 years old.  They arrived a few days before the Crash of '29.  My grandmother started a paint and wallpaper company which exists to this day so that her husband and sons (and eventually sons-in-law) would have a place to work.  They lived over the store for many years.

Year: 1929

– Sandy Rosenberg

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant