The Floral Diary

About 28 years ago my mother decided to start her journey to the United States. She would leave all her 7 brothers and sisters and her parents back in Managua, Nicaragua. My mom left Nicaragua with the hopes of looking for a better future and better living styles for her family. On her journey to the United States my mom brought with her a couple of things among them this notebook. In this notebook she carried a photo of my grandfather and some of her family members. In this notebook my mother wrote her experiences as each day passed. Essentially they were letters addressed to my youngest aunt Karla but they were never sent to her. She would write when she had the chance in order to keep her memories intact. My mom in this notebook kept one of her worst yet hopeful experiences. Not only does this notebook share the hopes my mom had when coming to the USA but all her thoughts and feelings she left behind her. She shares what she saw and lived on her journey hoping that my aunt would one day be able to read them or for them to be reunited. Unfortunately, a few years later after my mom had started a new life here in order to support her family back home my youngest aunt passed away due to Leukemia. My mom never was able to share the book with her however she keeps it as the last memory of the last conversation they would have if they were to ever see each other again.

Year: 1988

– Stephanie Cabrera

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