The Five Books Of Moses


Everybody comes from somewhere. No one originated from America, so how far back do you go to say where you have come from? My Great Grandma Lilith went through a lot to allow my family to prosper and have lives in America today. My Great Grandma comes from Poland, but she was Jewish. My Great Grandma was the only one along with her mother in her whole family that was able to survive these horrific events. The only choice she and other Jewish people had in this time period in Poland was to escape before you were executed. Therefore she had to leave her dad and cousins behind as she attempted to escape from German occupied Poland. Although Lilith was scared and emotionally damaged she was able to persevere. She never gave up hope. One of the few things she keep with her on the cruel journey was her book The Five Books Of Moses. This was the only thing in her journey that allowed her to keep going. . It reminded her of all those who sacrificed their lives so she could live on and escape. What was so special about this book that allowed her to continue on? Granted that this book contains Hebrew text, it gave her a sense of identity and allowed her to continue to practice her religion. It has a silver coating and beads on the outside, but my great great grandma never sold it, even though she was so desperate for money on her travels. This book will forever have significance in my family, it holds my family's identity and origin. As long my family exists this book will be an heirloom that will be passed down through all future generations. 

Place(s): Poland America
Year: 1934

– Ethan Giuricich

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant