Migration back to Ameca

Relationship: Im/migrant
Migration back after 20 years
Migration back after 20 years

La Virgen de Guadalupe has always been part of my life. She guided and protected my parents during their immigration form Mexico to the U.S. My parents have trusted in her during their time of joy and of grief. The Virgin of Guadalupe holds a special place in our heart, being everyone’s mother she holds out her cloak and gives us a place to call home. She is important to me because my sister was named after her. After my sister passed she has been there during those times I miss my sister. I can express my feels towards her in hopes my sister hears them. She has been a connection to my parents homeland and will always be a connection to my origins.

Place(s): Ameca, Jalisco
Year: 1985

– Kimberly Beas

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant