The First Sunrise

In Fun
Relationship: Im/migrant

 There is a beautiful sky in this photo. In the sky, it had pretty incredible clouds. The sun had loveliness and bright sunshine between mountains, although, we can see the purple glow. A lot of people raised their cameras wanted to take this monumental moment.  I choose this photo for my object because it has important meaning for me. Also, it reminds me to have good friendships with my friends. When I was eighteen years old, my friends wanted to celebrate my birthday, however, they gave me a very memorable day. My birthday is in the winter. However, at that time, we were really tired and felt cold because we spent about four hours to ride scooters. Finally, we arrived successfully the top of Ali Mountain, and we saw the first sunrise after my birthday. It was very beautiful and I was impressed in that. When I saw the sunrise, I thought this kind of emotion was difficult to express in words. 

Place(s): Ali Mountain, Taiwan

– Joseph

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant