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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

 In my freshmen year in high school,  I picked beginning guitar for the first semester.  My teacher taught me how to read the notes on a treble clef.  He told me that I can remember the notes in the space by remembering FACE, and I can remember the notes on the lines by remembering Every Good Burger Deserves Fries (EGBDF).  He also taught me where the location of the notes are on each string.  In the second semester,  I decided to continue taking guitar class so I picked intermediate guitar.  During that time,  I have a hard time reading music while playing it, I have to write the notes out in order to play.  The teacher is also going fast too and  I couldn't catch up with his speed and rhythm, for the most of the second semester, I was tormenting.  Towards the end of second semester,  everyone have to audition for guitar ensemble in order to continuing playing guitar.  I don't want to give up playing guitar even if I sucks on it because I like guitar.  So I went to the music office and picked up the piece of music for the auditioning.  On the day of announcing who get in guitar ensemble,  I was so anxious until the teacher called my name and hand me a guitar book... I get in!  However, the teacher told me that my reading skills was too weak and I should practice more, but that didn't stop me for feeling contented and gratification , I promised that I will work hard.  Now, I'm in guitar ensemble and I'm still tormenting everyday in guitar class but I won't give up.

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant