The First Bite Of A Lifetime

My First Bobo
My First Bobo

When you think of a bobo (pacifier), you probably think of it as a meaningless piece of plastic but in reality… it’s so much more. If your a parent reading this, you know how these things are not only life savers but sleep savers. I interviewed my mom on the back story of my bobo and the meaning behind it and here are some things she said.. one of the questions I asked her was ‘Why did you keep only this specific one?’ and she responded, “It was the only one you liked, it was very different from the others. The tip of it was shaped differently, prescribed from the orthodontics for better teeth growth, and if I tried to give you another one, you would throw them away.” I was one very picky baby. Another question I asked her was ‘How did you get rid of it?’ she answered, “You turned one and it was time to get rid of it so I told you if you lost or dropped it again, you wouldn’t get another one and guess what, you lost it again and you were crying for days but after awhile you forgot about it.” So it seems like this bobo meant a lot to me and my mom, who knew 14 years later I would be writing about it.

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