The Dog Collar

Tisha, my dog
Tisha, my dog

My object is a dog collar. The reason why I chose this is because my dog Tisha recently died on August 25, 2019. My dog is someone who is important to me because I had her since I was 5 years old. The first time I saw my dog Tisha she was wrapped in a blanket, and it was a surprise.  We unwrapped her, and saw a cute Shih Tzu  - white and light brown, and she was so little!  When I first saw her, the first thing I did was pet her and play with her every day after school. My dog's name was Tisha, and she was about 3 months when we first got her, but she did grow up fast. My dog had lung cancer for about three years, and I always took good care of my dog when she was sick. I took her out and we went for walks, and I also fed her. I had her for 11 years, and everything was pretty good. Now, this one day I went home, took my dog out, and it was a normal day, and I usually just leave her outside for a while and let her play by herself and have fun outside. When I went to go check Tisha, someone told me that my dog got ran over by a car, and when I looked at her she was out of it. She was alive for like 10 more seconds, and then Tisha was completely dead. We kept her dog collar for remembrance of Tisha, and we buried her in our yard.  I will always remember Tisha and how she made me a more responsible person.  I will always love her.     

Place(s): Cleveland

– Suhely Gorbea

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