The Couch

I came to United States to start studying at private boarding high school in 2006. I was all alone with minimum English skills. After 4 months, on October, for homecoming long weekend, my parents visited me. On the last day, when my parents dropped my off in front of the dorm, I burst into tears in loneness of being far away home and hardship I have to go through alone with as a foreign language student. That winter my parents moved to America – for two years. My dad said he wanted to study English and send my young sister to American school too. But now I know that’s not true. Our family came for me. They moved to Philadelphia, which is two-hour drive from my school, and bought this couch, which turns into a bed, to use when I visit over the weekend. I successfully adapted to American high school life, and my parents went back to Korea after two years. I brought back some of stuffs they used here, and the couch is one of them. After 8 years, we still use it. Last summer we moved to new home, when parents told me they are going to get a new couch. But they never did. I asked them why, but never gave me clear reason.

Year: 2007

– Matthew Kwon

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