Pink Frog

A fuzzy pink frog stuffed animal
A fuzzy pink frog stuffed animal

I have lived in the same house in the Bay Area , CA all my life. I moved up north to Humboldt county, CA to go to college. It was difficult to feel like I was at home when I felt alone and stressed; I wasn’t making many friends and the friendships I were making didn’t last. I came out of my 1st year feeling unsure and insecure.
I moved into my new dorm at the start of my second year and immediately clicked with the others I now lived with. Over the course of 9 months, I was surrounded by so much love, care, and compassion that came to I understand what “home” is to me. Home is where I am surrounded by the people I love.
We exchanged gifts before we left for winter break in 2022, and one of the gifts I received was this pink frog stuffed animal. I feel like I am always connected to my friends, no matter where we move and where we go. The comfort and belonging that my friends gave me inspire me to create comfortable communities for those I work with and those I know personally.

Place(s): Humboldt
Year: 2022

– Makayla

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