The Christmas bb gun

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not the real thing but looks similar
not the real thing but looks similar

My object is a bb gun with a little Christmas tree dangling on the barrel although the ornament is losing its color its still looks pretty. The bb gun is bolt action + air pump operated meaning that you have to pull the bolt and pump air into the bb gun it's actually really fun to shoot and it's also reminds me of my first Christmas because the Christmas tree dangling is glittery and it still smells like cinnamon. The bb gun is really important to me because it is the first bb gun that represents my favorite holiday Christmas and that is a really important holiday for my family because it's part of our culture and that's one thing my family has in common they have in america when they moved here. I just had the bb gun but i'm going to make it a tradition to bring the bb gun and shoot it at some empty bottles. I don't know why but I feel like that the bb gun has been with me my whole life and that if I lost it I would be very very sad and would very much hate the thought of playing airsoft without the christmas bb gun. The object that I picked was a bb gun with a little dangling Christmas tree on the barrel because it's a very important thing to me and without it I would not be the person that I am.

Year: 2005

– Jose Abundez

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