"The Chinese in America"

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

This book was authored by Iris Chang in 2003.  Ever since I first read it in 2005, it has been my “Bible,” and I will cherish this book forever.  Reading it marked a major turning point in my life journey of discovery of my identity as a person and as a Chinese American.  I had just returned from teaching oral English in China for over two years.  That experience taught me that I was indeed Chinese, and more importantly, a Chinese American.  But I was unsure about how to be authentic in this identity.  I researched publications, and I came across this book.  As I read, I felt like Iris was speaking directly to me:  “Stan, this is the story of the long journey of Chinese Americans.  Honor this history by being proud and by joining this community to strengthen it.”  That was the message I received in my heart.

I am the son of Chinese immigrants. I had run away from and rejected my identity for most of my life.  Finally, I began my journey to find and be comfortable in my identity.  Many experiences and people helped me in my journey as I evolved into a person who is now committed to advocacy for the Asian American community.  I know that Iris Chang’s book was the driving force in my growth as a Chinese American.

– Stan Lou, OCA - Asian Pacific American Advocates

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant