The challenge

Relationship: Im/migrant

My name is Maria Cordova, I am from Ecuador, I came to New York City on July 17, 2016, and I am attending to the Immigrant program at Sunnyside Community Services.I have one way ticket to New York City, I am very excited, a new life, a new world and new experiences are coming to my life. How fortunate I am!! But, since I moved to New York City, I have been facing many changes in my life. I am alone and economically broken, Many obstacles are coming to my life. First of all, I need to get a better job and a respectable salary. The second one, is to live in a room without the commodities I used to live in my country, and the most important is to live without my family and especially without my mother. I always take my mother’s picture with me wherever I go, it inspires me to follow my dreams and to relieve my pain. Two years has passed and no matter how bad was my situation, my spirit is full of hope and faith. All these experiences have taught me that if I want a new lifestyle, I have to go for it. Also, I have come to understand that I am highly favored, therefore, I thank God because he encourages and renews my strength every single day. Now it is my time to demonstrate that my journey can be hard but not impossible to reach my goals.The challenge is to study English, meet different people, help others, and accept changes because they will help me to grow up as a human being. New York City is a blessing to people who want to be successful and I would like to be one of them. 


Place(s): Elmhurst, NY

– Maria Cordova

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant