ecuadorian currency (sucres)

Relationship: Im/migrant
10 and 5 sucres
10 and 5 sucres

in 1999 my father came from Ecuador to the United States in search of job opportunities and a better life due to economical issues in Ecuador in 1998-1999 which is when Ecuador had one of its biggest economic struggles due to an inflationary currency crisis. My mom stayed in Ecuador with my two brothers until 2011 when I was around 3 and the four of us came to the US to be with my father for more job and education opportunities for me and my siblings. At the same time as the 1998-1999 Ecuador financial issues, Ecuador stopped the continuation of their currency called Sucres and turned into USD. Sucres were used from 1884-1999 and 25,000 Sucres were equivalent to 1 USD. When my dad immigrated to the US, he brought these 10 and 5 Sucre bills while they were in the process of being irrelevant in Ecuadorian currency. 

Place(s): Ecuador
Year: 1999

– joanna

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant