The Calhoun Cake

L - Recipe Card, R- Calhoun Cake
L - Recipe Card, R- Calhoun Cake

The “famous” Calhoun birthday cake is a tomato soup spice cake. Due to this, it isn’t the sweetest thing in the world, but it has a sweet cream frosting that makes it a lot better. There are raisins inside the cake batter that I personally don’t like, but my dad and grandpa really enjoy the entire thing. We have it twice a year, once for my dad and once for my grandpa. This originated from my dad's side of the family around 1940. We don’t know if it may have been made earlier, but it’s a family recipe and tradition from many generations back. We lost the original recipe card, but the photo is of my grandma’s card when she copied it from my great-great-grandma. My mom also has her own version of the recipe card for my dad’s birthday. It is definitely one of our favorite family traditions. 

Place(s): New York


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