Mama's Fufu

There aren’t any specific things that my mother brought over with her from Ghana but she constantly talks about the kinds of food they made back in her home country. It is important to her and it is also important for her to pass that down so that we always keep a part of those roots alive. People come home from work and they eat lunch with their families and then relax. Fufu is a large meal and the soup takes several hours to make. There are several countries in Africa that use Fufu for stews and soups. Fufu is like the equivalent of rice. This recipe is important to me because it is something that represents a strong relationship. The women often come together to make Fufu because it is such a large meal and it is time when a mother and daughter can bond. It is part of the process of teaching a daughter how to take care of a family and prepare food for everyone. Cooking is also a time for conversation and learning all kinds of things for taking care of the home. When my mother and I are cooking Fufu together she always starts off talking to me about food and cooking and then the conversation turns into her answering all the questions I ask about her time growing up in Ghana. There is an emotional connection that I have to this recipe because it represents part of the relationship that I have with my mom, while also being the only tangible piece of Ghana that I have.

Year: 2015

– Elisha Hodge

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