Spanikopita Recipe

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My object is a Greek recipe for spanakopita (spinach pie). It may sound like it would taste disgusting, but trust me, it taste really, really good. It tastes warm, cheesy and crispy. The bread that goes in it is called phyllo dough. Phyllo dough is very thin. When you are placing it be sure to place a few layers on each side of theSpanikopita. This recipe is very important to my family be cause it was passed down from my great-great grandmother. Another reason this recipe is very important we make it on holidays such as Greek Easter. These are the ingredients:-3 tablespoons olive oil-1 large onion, chopped-1 bunch green onions chopped-2 cloves garlic minced-2 pounds spinach rinsed and chopped-½ cup chopped fresh parsley-2 eggs lightly beaten-½ cup of ricotta cheese- crumpled feta cheese-8 sheets of phyllo dough-¼ cup olive oil In conclusion this is my recipe for the delicious dish spanakopita that's been in my family for years. Next time you go to a Greek restaurant ask if they have spanikopita.

Year: 1900

– Thomas

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant