Soup Joumou

The Soup Joumou
The Soup Joumou

This food they call Soup Joumou. I can say is one of the good thing in my life, and to be honest this affect my life many ways.  In my country they do this food every 1st of January because in Haiti this was when the slave rose up to fight the French and when we get our independence. We say we are going to eat that every 1 January because when you were a slave you couldn't eat that food but had to make it for their masters.  At this time friends and family who live far come to eat with you, this is how my mom and my dad know each other they get together have a baby who is me and they start a new life.  But my life in Haiti wasn’t that good people really scared can get kill any time, but I have my grandmother who’s in America she said she want us to come but there a lot of thing she don’t know about migration, and the 1 January 2017 my dad have a friend that he invited to come eat with him he came, and they start talking and talking and my dad start talking about my grandmother who want us to came to USA but she don’t really know how he said what I can help you  i’m working at immigration so yes can help use, my dad said  yes but we don’t have a lot money and he said you don’t have to pay me you invite me to eat at your house free I can do that for you free to, and 5 month later me and my dad came to USA  and now my dad start working have better life and now he can take her of my 2 sister and brother. and is because of soup Joumou January 1 we meet all of this people 

Place(s): Haiti, New york
Year: 2017

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child