My parents

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My parents at a grocery store
My parents at a grocery store

My parents left Ecuador when they were only 18 (mom) and 20 (dad), worked as farmers to help provide for their families. Both had dreams like any other and decided to come to the United States with nothing but hope. It was a whole new transformation coming from the agriculture life to the city where fruits and vegetables were already picked out for them. This supermarket not only reminds them about the struggle to buy a couple of vegetables but also how much they desired to one day have a full fridge. My mother was an employee in city field selling hot dogs as my dad worked in construction to help provide a little more. Besides, it wasn't something my mother was passionate about but had no choice at the time. Coming home strained was what motivated my father to have dreams of having his own company one day, which was accomplished. He now owns his own construction company and finds himself a little more content as to those day where he would work for 60$ a day. It was difficult for both because of the lack of English and sometimes would even go home unpaid. They both they had no choice but to settle down with low wages but somehow managed to get a plate of food for the night. Furthermore, they've come a long way and now have 3 kids and always assure the fridge is full. Their battle toward success allowed them to teach us what is it to value a plate of food. Sometimes we throw out what we don't like, but those who are now in my parent’s shoes would wish for that plate we just threw out. We don't all know what person has gone through to get something on a plate. As of now, my family learned that everything on the plate has to be cleaned out and always make sure to value where it came from and that's their hard work.

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– JA

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant