Assida is covered with dates.
Assida is covered with dates.

Every year me and my family eat a food item called Assida. It is part of Sudan traditional food, people here call it Fufu. It's one of my favorite foods, I love eating it because me and my family sit together and eat, Ramadan is the month that keeps us together always and we make it together with my mother.Me and my family always eat it on a specific month called Ramadan we eat on the other days too but not so much. Assida can be eaten like a dessert. Also some people prefer to eat it with honey, dates and even peanuts but me and my family eat it with curry. Assida comes in different shapes and sizes, its color is white. To make it you will need flour and water. It is simple to make; you just have to add 3 to 5 cup of flour in boiling water and stir until it thickens.    

Place(s): Sudan.

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