There is a Mexican food that is extremely popular called "gorditas." Some people might think they're just made out of a specific type of "tortilla," however, this Mexican dish is made completely by hand. The object I chose makes the actual food. You make the "masa" with flour along with other ingredients. You make it into tiny balls and put it into the two plates of the object. Then with the lever attached, press, down on both plates. It squishes the ball made of "masa" in between making it into a circle. After this, you fry the circle made of "masa" and that makes the "gordita." Ingredients are put on top of the "gordita." In my family, we put "frijoles," "salsa," "crema," and cheese. This object was used traditionally in Mexico and continues to be used here in the U.S. by my family.

Year: 2015

– Nailea Dominguez

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