Hi! My name is Dilsuza and this is my story! My object is a food/recipe that my family passed down. It is a traditional recipe a lot of people use. It is from my country, Uzbekistan. 
If you didn't know Uzbekistan is in Asia if you were wondering. It's a wonderful place, you should totally consider visiting it! My object is used for eating, as you see. It's made from ingredients, such as, meat, flour and dough and other ingredients. 
The name of the food is Samosa. It's a traditional food  a lot of  people use in my country. People there make it very often.
I chose it because it is something that is important to my family and culture. It teaches how our food takes a big role in our tradition, culture and celebrations. The food connected to me, my parents and my siblings a lot! Because me and my siblings are the ones that eat the food. And my parents are the ones that make it for us. They brought the recipe in their minds with them when they immigrated to the USA with me back in April 2012. 
The recipe was pasted down and down through our family. Did you know people mostly make this food when guests come over or even when they have a celebration. 
You can make samosa in many different ways and shapes. You can make it square or triangle. And also make it more like a pastry too. 
My moms going to pass down our family recipe to me and then I will pass it down too. And our cycle will keep going and going and going.
I have a question for my ancestors. What was the original recipe? Because it probably changed over time. Also who was the one that created the recipe? 

Place(s): Uzbekistan
Year: 2012

– DM

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child