Handmade Pancake

Relationship: Im/migrant
pancakes made by my godmother
pancakes made by my godmother

Those pancakes are made by my dance teacher's wife (she became my godmother later) when we were in Johns Creek, Georgia, its a very typical northern Chinese dish, which is the place she originally comes from. My godmother is the daughter of the first national agriculture minister of the Republic of China, so she had a Childhood in Beijing. During the culture revolution, her family had been identified as "reactionary," both her parents had been put into the jail doing the "labor reeducation." Her and her younger sister scape to the U.S. under the help of their family friend. She studied at a university in Ohio for computer science, this university had offered her a significant number of scholarships, which helped her to go through the finical difficulty at the begging. Years later, her father had been rehabilitated by the central government of China, and his political career had to restart in Guangzhou. However, godmother finds her love in her life and has her son born here, so she chose to stay in the U.S. She always cooks me the traditional Northern Chinese food whenever I go visit her, which is the taste of her early life in Beijing.

Place(s): Beijing, Georgia

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant