The Bracelet of Gold

In Attire
The front of the bracelet "Maxel"
The front of the bracelet "Maxel"

My grandpa loved to wear bracelets, especially ones made of gold. One day as a gift my step-grandma got my grandpa this gold bracelet with his name "Maxel" on the front and, "I love you now and forever -Gloria" on the back. My family lived on the south side of Chicago and it's not easy living down there but they struggled through it with love and perseverance and came out on top. My grandpa liked to gamble and party and it's what made my grandma get a divorce. He loved fashion though, and he loved having something flashy he could wear out and get attention. After my grandpa died everyone in my family was heartbroken, especially my mom and step-grandma, Gloria. Gloria kept the bracelet in safe keeping for many years, past the birth of my brother and me up until my brother turned sixteen and she gave it to him as a birthday present. Now my brother only wears it for very special occasions and to honor my grandpa whom we never got to meet. 

Place(s): Chicago
Year: 1965

– Katalia

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant