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Relationship: Im/migrant


Glasses, also known eyeglasses or spectacles, the glasses were invented by “Benjamin Franklin”, so the people can easily see. Glasses and it the first eyeglasses were made in Northern Italy, in “23 February 1306”. 

These glasses were from my dad and he gave it to me at 2015 in my birthday. 

These glasses were about 350$ and it was one of the newest glasses of the whole company of Ray Ban. 

I got these glasses from Barcelona while I was in a trip there, my dad got me these because he knew that my favorite glasses were Ray ban and I always wanted one of them and he made my dream come true, I always thanked him foe these glasses either still know I wear because they are so close to me. 

Place(s): Amman, Jordan

– M

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant