The bonnet

The Bonnet
The Bonnet

The object I chose was a bonnet. My family’s hair care has always been extensive, and a bonnet was required to protect the natural hair we have. My mother wears her bonnet every day, and from a young age I’ve never thought I should be ashamed to wear one in public or around other people, because it represents my pride in my curls. For my mother, its a statement. Bonnets are seen as unprofessional and “ghetto”, but just because she woke up and chose to not do her hair, why is she looked down upon in the world? She says that just because you wear a bonnet outside of the house, it does not mean you are any less of a person that walked out of the house with hair that doesn't need overnight protection, or straighter, oily hair. Our hair requires the extra love and my mother and this bonnet started the self love for me. 

Place(s): Virginia, US

– A.B

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