The Backyard

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
The backyard is where memories are made.
The backyard is where memories are made.

 There is a place that holds a place in my family home, we had it for many years. The story I will share is about the backyard. The backyard is made with your typical materials like Earth, plants, wood, concrete, and most importantly; memories. This place is inviting to all, and it is often used as a place to eat and dine with friends & family. In the backyard, there are long handmade wooden benches and a table everyone sits on. My parents split the roles of preparing the dinner. There is my father who cooks with a grill outside; my mother would be assisted by the moms from my family to cook inside. Many of the dishes we prepare for the family include carne asada, striped bass, salmon, carnitas, and more. This tradition came from the occasions when my parents would host parties in our backyard, and many family members who live in Napa would come and visit us coming together to celebrate. From my own family to my extended family, the family has come from America and Mexico, two different countries. I am a combination of both cultures, that is partially my identity. This place is important to me because it is the main place where I can be with family and friends. 

Place(s): America, Mexico, and The Backyard

– J. Rodriguez

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant