Nana's Recipe Card

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

This recipe card was written by my grandmother, Josephine (“Nana”), the daughter of Polish immigrants. Her family resided in New Haven, CT in early 1900’s. Nana taught me that homemade pie and a “cuppa coffee” are the solutions to many of life’s problems.
Nana was a woman of strength and boldness. She was the the mother of two daughters in the 1950’s, her oldest daughter being severely disabled.  During a time when being the mother of a disabled child was shunned in society, my grandmother faced many adversities. However, she never let other people’s actions deter her from doing the right thing, standing up for my aunt’s rights, and loving each of her children with all her heart. She modeled for me that every life has dignity and worth (human, plant, or animal), to always speak up for what you believe in, and, above everything else, family is the most important thing on earth! And, when the world seems to be against you, sit down with your family, have a piece of homemade pie (or Entenmann’s crumb cake) and enjoy a “cuppa coffee” together.


Place(s): New Haven, CT

– Liz Woods

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant