Jaheem Merritt

Jaheem's Impactful Story
Jaheem's Impactful Story

Ever since I was 7 years old, I was interested in music and karate for the longest time, because from the start my grandpa used to do taekwondo, and earlier he offered me karate classes with him along with my family as well. But eventually, that all stopped and it ended right before I received my orange belt!  My sensei passed away and is now deceased by some sort of sickness; he’s been going through a steady deterioration. Now my sensei is finally up in heaven, living his well-rested afterlife. Moving on to music - when I first heard a song by Justin Timberlake, I happened to be singing exactly like him, and my parents were surprised that I had the exact same singing voice like him, and I can dance quite like him too.  I can just picture and imagine what it’s like to be Justin Timberlake, but I am just myself.  Many people said that I can actually sing from school, and thinking that I’m that talented is exciting. I hope that someday I can become a singer, but I’m just not sure about whether or not I could be a singer.  I’m still going through some difficult times with keeping everything in check, living through various moments. Another possible future goal would be for me to go to college and be a mechanic who works on machines, hardware, or a technical job, having a better opportunity for my own personal interests when I’m done with high school. Soon in about a year, I hope to do this one day.  I want to live up to my future expectations.

Place(s): Lakewood
Year: 2010

– Jaheem Merritt

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